Fargo, Belcourt tracks granted 18 days of horse racing | Jamestown Sun

22 November, 21:51
The commission granted the North Dakota Horse Park in Fargo eight days of live racing to be run between the second week in July and the first Monday of August.

Director Jack Schulz said the commission gave the track flexible dates this year.

Chippewa Downs, which is located near Belcourt, received 10 days of racing to be run between June 5 and July 6.

The tracks will likely decide exactly how many days and when they will hold races after the commission approves funding at its February meeting.

The Racing Commission provides purse money and promotional funds to both tracks from taxes from pari-mutuel account deposit wagering, offtrack betting and wagering on live racing.

A 2016 study at North Dakota State University found the horse racing industry generates about $5 for the state for every $1 tax dollar spent.