Privacy Policy

Here at, we respect all the data that we hold on our members and comply strictly with the data protection act and GDPR regulations. Main Site

The only information we store regarding this part of is when you double opt in to our mailing list for updates and offers.


A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer when you visit the 99% of websites.It's purpose is to make your computer remember that site, so that when you re-visit it can automatically log you in or even make the site faster because it is already cached in your browser from that previous visit.

We have traffic cookies, as do all sites, so that we can track how you visited us and where in the world you are from, but don't worry, we don't get your home address and phone number, that's impossible and we wouldn't be interested in that anyway.

There are malicious cookies out there, especially on download sites, so we would like everyone to be aware of that and be careful which websites you choose to access.

Sharing your data

Quite simply we don't do it, never have and never will. The only emails you will get will be from

You are in control

If you wish to have your information deleted, you can request this. However, with regards to the forum, the posts will remain to avoid topics looking out of sorts. Your username will change to "guest" and no more contact will be made unless you request otherwise.